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5 Strategic Massage Points to Get Liquid Hair that Slips Away!


5 Strategic Massage Points to Get Liquid Hair that Slips Away!

Your grandparents gave it to your parents and your parents to you- and that’s how the legacy of head massages and oiling became a cherished household ritual!

A bowl of oil and those fantastic fingers forever ready to reach the hair and work their magic… 

You’d still remember those sunny winter noons or lazy summer evenings when your mom, dadi or naani would sit you down to give you a rigorous head massage, a ‘champi’….and remember how that left you in a sweet, happy, relaxed state….and how that 15–20-minute session soothed the scalp and melted away all the stress, anxiety, and pent-up emotions!

BUT if you have forgotten how the simple ritual of regular hair oiling nourished and nurtured the scalp and hair, take a quick look at those old home videos or photo albums AND see how the good old hair days looked.

And thanks to this tradition that’s been kept alive in almost every household for years, Indian hair has proven to be the healthiest across the globe. 

Don’t believe us? A global study confirms it!

According to a study done on a multi-ethnic group, researchers tested samples of hair for their thickness, tensile strength, shine, and smoothness and found that Indian women have the best hair in the world based on these 4 markers of healthy hair!

Beyond the excellent hair care benefits that made our hair smooth, shiny, strong, soft & thick, hair oiling also helped calm the scalp while strengthening our roots & follicles! Furthermore, elaborate hair oiling and massages gave one the time to not only relax, reflect, and revive but also helped steal a few moments of peace and quiet and attain an almost meditative space.

But sadly, despite knowing this age-old secret to healthy hair- our lack of time and growing enthusiasm for new, trending, instant treatments have left the good old days of targeted head massages behind and reduced massaging to just a weekly ACT that involves some serum & some random strokes!

And it is this mere mindless act of oiling that has left us with dull, frizzy, fussy hair days and hair that doesn’t listen to us anymore!

This kind of oiling clearly ISN’T enough, especially if you are looking to go back to that carefree, balmy state of being and smooth, glossy, dense hair again!

Your current hair oiling routine, therefore, is NOT enough to get you silky hair. Tap into these 5 strategic massage points for hair that just slips away!


According to ancient Vedic philosophy, the human body is compared to an inverted tree and the head is said to be the root of the tree.

Ayurvedic wisdom too relates to this philosophy and believes that just as a tree requires water and nutrients to grow, our head too needs adequate nourishment and nutrition to stay healthy! And for this purpose, Ayurveda recommends ‘Shiroabhyanga’ or a ritualistic head massage that stimulates the energy switches or vital points of life especially on the head.

Wonder what these strategic points are? Well, these are Marma points!

You might have come across stories of people who found relief from years of pain after a few acupuncture sessions or heard about some deadly martial art moves that can cause irreversible damage, but have you wondered why certain points on the body evoke certain reactions on being massaged or stimulated?

Ayurveda explains it as the presence of marma. According to ancient Ayurvedic literature, the 107 marma points scattered on the body evoke certain reactions on being massaged or when subtly stimulated.

AND Ayurvedic practitioners believe adjusting marma points is the oldest way to tap into the secret reserves of energy, beauty and wellness.

Any massage, including a head massage, becomes effective when marma therapy is used and incorporated into the oiling or massaging process. During a massage, when the marma points are subtly rubbed, pressured, or massaged, they get stimulated. You’d know that most Ayurvedic facials and spa treatments work on this principle. 

And you can even stimulate the marma points on the head. There is a total of 37 marma points on the head that boost circulation, hair growth, affect our health, mood, energy and mind.

Read on to know the exact location of the 5 most important marmas on the head that you should focus on during a head massage to get healthy hair + some bonus benefits!


LOCATION: Move 8 fingers above the eyebrows and that’s your Adhipati marma, approximately at the center of the skull. The Adhipati marma is the highest point of the body, often called the crown. It is the meeting point of all nerves and a joint and a highly sensitive and important point responsible for several functions.

BENEFITS: Massaging this point not only helps enhance the hair’s density and shine but also helps manage shoulder stiffness, neck pain, blood pressure, sleep issues, anxiety, fatigue, confused thinking, and headache, while enhancing energy and perceptive powers!

TECHNIQUE: Adhipathi is the first point from where you can start your Shiroabhyanga or head massage! For this purpose, you need to pour oil on the Adhipati marma and use both your fingertips to spread the oil onto the sides of the scalp. Ensure you maintain a gentle hand to carry out this technique and spend approximately 5 minutes massaging this area!


LOCATION: This marma point can be identified easily. The location of this marma point is 12 finger-widths above the eyebrows.

BENEFITS: In addition to healthifying hair, this marma is known to help in conditions of neck tension, anxiety, and sleeplessness while opening various channels or srotas and inducing calmness.

TECHNIQUE: This can be taken as the second marma to focus on during Shiroabhyanga. Apply oil to the Simantaka marma and then spread the oil towards the temples.


LOCATION: Just like Simantaka marma, Krikatika are external marmas that are located at 2 points on either side behind the head where the neck meets the skull.

BENEFITS: Stimulating this marma by a professional is known to give several therapeutic benefits including managing neck tension, pain and stiffness, anxiety, shoulder pain, migraine, etc. Of course, tapping into this crucial marma also helps flaunt softer, thicker, shinier hair!

TECHNIQUE: This is the 3rd strategic point for Shiroabhyanga. To stimulate this part, apply oil in the hollow part just below the skull and spread it towards either side of the neck. Continue massaging this area in circular strokes and spend about 3-5 minutes per side. In order to enhance the blood flow, going from the front of the head to the back, gently pull hair follicles while massaging.


LOCATION: Getting to the Vidhuram Marma is the simplest. These points are located in the depression behind both ears, just behind the earlobes.

BENEFITS: Vidhuram Marmas are known to ease symptoms of deafness, tinnitus, neck pain, earache, anxiety, etc.

TECHNIQUE: Take some oil in your fingertips and rub it at the location of the marma while continuing to rub around the ears towards the temples. Ensure you oil the ears thoroughly upwards, downwards & outwards!


LOCATION: This Marma is at the temples. It is the depressions on the sides of the forehead, between the end of the eyebrows and the hairline.

BENEFITS: Massaging the Shanka Marma allays feelings of nausea, dizziness, mental fatigue, and temple headache among other things!

TECHNIQUE: The Shankha Marmas can be massaged with the index and middle finger. To extend the benefit of your head massage tap onto these points simultaneously. You can massage by making a circle or the figure of 8 about 10-15 times.

Remember to gently massage each Marma in clockwise motion for up to 5 minutes. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it may damage not only the skin on the scalp but also the hair follicles. Gentle taps can also be used as and when needed. Additionally, you can add more oil whenever necessary, and continue Shiroabhyanga while extending it to the neck, shoulder blade and upper back with your thumb and knuckles for enhanced relaxation!

Targeted, strategic Ayurvedically backed Marma head massages can amplify the effects of your time-trusted champi & give you liquid hair that slips away, BUT ensure you use the right oil with time-tested ingredients!


Is there such a thing as the right oil?

Of course, because when Ayurveda makes use of over 300 herbs and ingredients each of which has specific benefits to rejuvenate, relax and revive, the kind of oil DOES matter! And if you still think almond, amla, neem & coconut oils are enough for caring for your hair, then you need to reconsider, now!

While these single-ingredient oils are used commonly, it’s time to experience the best of Ayurveda by investing in a specific polyherbal potion so that you can amplify the effects of your marma massage!



Bhringraj or Keshraj or “King of Hair” works wonders for combatting hair loss. It is one of the best Ayurvedic treats for a dry and itchy scalp and a potent remedy for early greying hair and hair loss. It works effectively by improving blood circulation and providing nutrients to your scalp that make your hair thickerand prevents hair loss.


This powerful blood purifying, skin-clarifying, acne dispelling super herb also enhances hair’s natural colour and helps manage premature greying. Not just this, Manjistha also tackles excessive dryness of the scalp, strengthens the roots and boosts hair growth.

Manjistha contains Alizarin that was widely used as a dye owing to its beautiful red hue and is still renowned for the shine and lustre it adds to the hair naturally.


It helps in stimulating the follicles and helps grow new hair strands. It also works as an anti-bacterial agent that helps with scalp infections. The herb also helps get rid of the oiliness on the scalp, preventing hair loss.


According to Bhavprakash Nighantu, it has Keshya (which is good for health of hair) and Vranahara properties. It supplies the much-needed nourishment for the hair follicles and shaft and helps in hair growth. It has anti-bacterial properties and gets rid of any fungus or bacteria. It prevents head lice and any other problems that arise from bacteria-ridden hair. It easily penetrates into the scalp and nourishes it from within, thus helping in revitalising damaged hair.

What happens when you get all these hair care herbs together? Your hair becomes stronger, more voluminous, shinier and so silky & soft that you get ‘LIQUID HAIR’ that just slips away.

What’s liquid hair you ask?

Hair that’s flowy like liquid and shiny like glass.

AND unlike extreme heat treatments & chemical-laden processes, getting liquid hair at home is easier than you think especially with the combination of Shiroabhyanga, marma and a non-invasive, 100% natural hair brew that’s been laboriously prepared after years of extensive Ayurvedic research.

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